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What We Offer

Mechanic Wrench

Everything we offer is to give you peace of mind knowing you and the people you care about are safe, rest easy knowing all our work is guaranteed 


Interim Service

This is mostly known as a 6 month service, Quick oil and filter change, with a check over making sure nothing untoward is about to happen.

Major Service

The BIG service, this comes at milage intervals dictated by your car manufacturer. This is also tailored to the specific needs of the vehicle. 

MOT Class 7

Class 7: £55

Larger commercial vehicles,

Vehicles between 3000-3500kg

Free retest if needed,

Van Seat Fitting

From single seats to crew cab and Kombi Conversions, every seat we fit is to the highest of standards.

Full Service

The annual service, We normally try to ask customers to do this inline with the MOT to keep your car in tip top condition.

MOT Class 4

Class 4: £40


Small Vans

Vehicles with up to 8 Seats

Free retest if needed.


Patches, panels, sills, structural, don't worry we can help.

All work is done on a quote basis with no hidden costs.

What's Included.



Oil Filter.

Tyre Pressures.

Screen Wash.

50 Point Check Over

Full Service:


Oil Filter

Air Filter

Cabin Filter

Screen Wash

Tyre Pressures

50 Point Check Over

Major Service:


Oil Filter

Air Filter

Spark Plugs/Glow plugs

Cabin Filter

Brake Fluid

Screen Wash

Tyre Pressures

50 Point Check Over


I had my car mot’d last week, the service was great and very friendly staff. Best in Redditch. Highly recommend.

Andrew Clarke

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